SEO is a key ingredient in any solidified marketing strategy. Over saturation of content means that it is even harder to get content visible online, this ultimately leads to the fact that you need to be working smarter not harder when it comes to your SEO. Staying up to date with trends, tracking constantly and creating relevant and engaging content is important for ensuring a strong SEO campaign that will bring in results. Our web agency Surrey knows the ins and outs of search engine optimisation and so we are going to give you a brief list of some practices you could be making the most of this quarter;


Image Title Keyword

Implementing keywords into the titles of images on your site that people are searching for will help them to show up on image searches. When users then click on your image, they will be taken to your website, giving you an extra chance for your site to rank and gain traffic. Read more here.


Long-Tail Keywords

Whilst Long Tail Keywords will have less traffic, they often tend to bring in more conversions as they are more relevant. There is less competition when using a long tail keyword. This means you can sift out the best quality visitors who will be interested in your business. Another benefit of long-tail keywords is that they can help new businesses gain visibility quickly in their sector. Better than becoming lost in a sea of search results, right?


Make Sure To Optimise Your Meta Descriptions


As an agency for SEO Surrey, we can tell you that your meta description is very important. It is what will show up on search results pages, your chance to grab your audience’s attention. Also, presenting an opportunity for your keywords to be implemented. Therefore, your meta description can be optimised in order to boost your website traffic.


Maximise Opportunities For User Engagement


You need to give yourself every chance to be discovered and engaged with. This comes hand in hand with SEO. You can include images, infographics, different size paragraphs of text, videos and more on your site. It is important to then integrate your keywords into all these aspects. The result of this will be rich content and a pretty awesome SEO strategy. 


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