SEO is important, and there are always new ways in which you can use search engine optimization to boost your website traffic. 2022 is a new year, and therefore a brand new chance to increase your leads and conversions. As it is still quarter one, it is best to get ahead whilst the year is fresh, and so our team specialising in SEO Surrey is here to give you some top tips;


Use Keywords In Image Titles

Naming the images on your website with keywords that people are searching for will help them to show up on image searches. When users then click on your image, they will be taken to your website, giving you an extra place for your site to rank and gain traffic. Keywords are the foundation of SEO, and so should be selected very carefully and monitored throughout your SEO campaign. Read more from our agency specialising in SEO Surrey here.


Put Content Out Often

Posting unique content helps to show search engines such as Google, that your website has something fresh and different that is worth promoting. Posting regularly is also just as important as it shows that your site is active and showing up-to-date information. Doing this should help improve your sites’ search engine rankings and help you reach more users.


Improve Your Meta Descriptions


As an agency for SEO Surrey, we can tell you that your meta description is very important. It is what will show up on search results pages, your chance to grab your audience’s attention, as well as presenting an opportunity for your keywords to be implemented. Therefore, your meta description can be optimised in order to boost your website traffic.


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