With more new features than ever before coming this year for your business, it is prime time to get your business Instagram up and running the best it can before we enter into quarter 2 of 2022. Social media is becoming more and more optimised for businesses. This marks the shift of social media becoming a central and crucial part of the digital world. More and more, we are shopping for products and services via social media platforms such as Instagram, and the features being introduced only heighten this. Our agency for social media marketing Surrey brings you a rundown of what is being introduced this year;


What Features Are Being Introduced In 2022

In 2022, we have even more new features being introduced. Here is a rundown of each new feature;


Edit Grid Option


The edit grid option will allow users flexibility to choose the layout of their posts. Additionally, rearranging when decided without having to delete or repost anything. This feature will introduce a more customisable personal page for its users. It also highlights the specific focus Instagram has when giving options on what posts you want to display to page visitors. This is key for businesses that want to create a perfect brand image and an aesthetic appearance. 


Profile Embed


This nifty feature allows users to embed a smaller version of their profile into a website. The new feature will also allow users to further integrate their Instagram profiles into websites such as blogs and portfolios. This is obviously really useful for businesses as you can include your social media profiles as an extension of your website and business.


Reel Visual Replies


If you have been enjoying creating reels for your business, then you may be pleased to know that you can now do reel visual replies. This means you can directly reply to a comment with a reel or explanation video. Pretty handy indeed.


Pinned Post Options


Again, this is a feature similar to TikTok in regards to the option to pin a key post at the top of your profile page. This feature proved very efficient and popular. It allows users the option to send new visitors directly to a high performing post or key information regarding a business.


Other Useful Business Features


Instagram is becoming more and more popular as a platform to use to conduct business. This is evident in the features available to business users. Instagram will be introducing a new subscription feature to allow users to class content as exclusive. This is great for businesses who want to class content by the followers able to view it. Resulting in building up brand loyalty, intimacy and also creating an incentive for new users to spend money in order to get the full experience. You can read more about this feature from our team specialising in social media marketing Surrey, here.


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