There are exciting times ahead for businesses that use Instagram, as the platform prepares to make changes that will bring new opportunities to business owners. As we specialise in social media marketing in Farnham, Thunderbolt is determined to bring you all the latest marketing news to help you make the most of your marketing campaigns, including social media. To find out more about what changes are in the works for Instagram, read on.


What Is Being Introduced? 


Being introduced is a subscription system, not unlike Twitters. This will allow business owners to gain revenue from posting their social media content. The hint towards the new feature was spotted in the app store. After being found under the in-app purchases section, it stated that ‘Instagram Subscriptions’ will now be an available in-app purchase. Whilst it was lightly discussed earlier this year, Instagram is yet to make a firm announcement on the topic. However, despite this, it seems like a subscription service is indeed on the horizon.


What Does This Mean?


In the past, social media marketing platforms have in general been free and ad-funded. In recent years, there has been an increase in opportunities for content to be chargeable by the viewer. Unsurprisingly, many platforms have implemented this. As a business, this can be utilised in order to gain revenue and build up an exclusive list of followers to target deals and other special offers to. 


Changes To Social Media Coming In 2022


As we come towards the end of 2021, our agency for social media marketing in Farnham has seen many exciting announcements. Furthermore, next year is sure to be full of new changes regarding the way social media is used. To find out more about recent social media announcements, have a look at our blog on Facebook’s personalised experiences announcement, or our blog on navigating the Facebook algorithm.


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