Pinterest is a great platform for businesses wanting to get their images circulating, especially business in the architecture or design sector. Whilst Pinterest is relatively easy to use, and consistent in its approach, they recently have cracked down on what is acceptable on the platform and what is not. Our Surrey marketing agency brings you a rundown of what this means;


What Was Released?


Pinterest recently released a ‘Transparency Report’. From 2021, this reveals the content that was removed for violating guidelines. This may seem like an obvious step for keeping the platform’s content clean and user friendly, but there is more. There has been a hard crack down on pins containing conspiracy theories or ‘misinformation’. This caught our eye as being rather interesting due to the more up-to-debate nature of this content. However, this is not entirely surprising as more and more platforms become focused on honesty. The aim is to ensure that all information is transparent, avoiding harm or misleading the user in any manner. This is very similar to Facebook’s algorithm. To read more about this, take a look at our Surrey marketing agencies blog here.


What Does This Mean For Your Business?


If you are conscious about the content you post for your business, this announcement shouldn’t change anything for you at all. However, it will do if you have been posting content without properly reviewing the quality and information. It might be time to look at your business posts and double check that there is no dishonesty or inappropriate content. Otherwise, Pinterest remove your account for good. On another note, the way that Pinterest has handled these issues has been diligent, respectful and firm, and serves a great example to other businesses.


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