When looking at advertising online, a term that you will find comes up a lot is ‘cost per click’ or CPC for short but what exactly does it mean? Thunderbolt Digital is a leading Surrey marketing agency with expert digital marketing specialists in Surrey. In this blog, we explain what cost per click is and why it’s so important.


How Does Cost Per Click Work?


The most common use of cost per click would be when running a Google ad campaign. When setting up a campaign, you write the content for your ad. You then need to set a budget for your campaign. This can either be over the lifespan of the ad or per day. This is where the cost per click comes in. Google will charge you every time someone clicks on your advert, using part of your overall budget.


Cost per click can vary depending on many factors. These include: 


  • the keyword(s) you are targeting 
  • how relevant your content is to that keyword 
  • the competition for that word
  • how much your competitors are willing to pay


Setting Your Cost Per Click Limit


When setting up your Google ad campaign, you will also get the choice to set a maximum bid for your CPC. The CPC will still vary each time Google displays your ad. This will make sure you don’t end up paying a ridiculous amount for a click that may not result in a conversion. It is important not to set this limit too low as you could miss out on some great leads.


Why Does Cost Per Click Matter?


As mentioned, it is important to set a limit on your CPC, otherwise, those costs can mount up and eat through your ad budget in no time. CPC advertising only charges you when someone actually clicks on your account. When using display ads, your ad appearing on a user’s screen is enough to get your name and product out there. This builds your brand awareness without paying for additional advertising. For more on this, read our 5 Key Steps For PPC Optimisation Success blog.


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