If you’re marketing your business using Google Ads, you’ll want to know how to optimise your campaigns to perform better. There are many options when it comes to optimising campaigns. As an expert Surrey marketing agency we have come up with a few key components our PPC marketing professionals recommend:


Do You Need Search Partners?

When setting up your PPC campaign, it’s best practice to include ’Search Partners’ in your advert placements. This allows your adverts to appear on other sites like Gmail and YouTube. It can boost your impressions and it is perfect for brand awareness, but if conversions are your aim, you don’t always need this. 

We recommend that you start off with having Search Partners and then after a month, segment your campaigns so you can see the split of Google versus. Search Partners. From this you can then exclude Search Partners if it isn’t driving traffic for your campaign.


Tailor to Best Performing Devices

We all google using different devices.The main three methods are: desktop, mobile and tablet. We recommend that once your campaign has been live for at least a month, segment your campaigns to see what devices your viewers are searching from, and where they are clicking from. It is likely that you will have lower clicks from tablets. If this is the case, one option you could take is to reduce the bids for tablets. 

You can do this by clicking on devices in the menu, clicking on tablets and press edit. Then click on ‘change bid adjustment’ and you can lower the bid by a percentage of your choosing. If you have a stand out winner between desktop and mobile, you can increase the bid on the best performing device in the same way. 


Be Specific with Your Audiences

The main way you target in PPC is through audiences. You can add specific audiences to your ad groups to target those more likely to convert. You can also exclude any audiences that are inhibiting your performance. Click on the audiences tab on the menu to see what you currently have set, and make any needed adjustments. 


Tailor to Demographics

The demographics tab allows you to see what age and gender your viewers are. You can see which demographics your ads are more effective with and which are falling below the mark. Like with devices, you can adjust the bid associated with each group. If you have a clear winner, click on the segment and adjust the bid by the percentage of your choosing. If one area, for example, 18-24 year olds isn’t performing well, you can exclude this from the ad group altogether. 


Optimise Your Ad Copy

An easy way to boost performance is to have a look at the current ads and how they are performing. Is one performing better than the other two in the ad group? If so, change your ad copy to be more in line with the ad that is performing the best. Add keyword insertion into a headline to be more relevant and review which tone of voice your audience seems to prefer. 


Results For Your PPC Campaigns

PPC can feel overwhelming when you’re getting started. It can be difficult to decide who to target or how to improve your cost per click. Thunderbolt Digital’s in-house marketing team knows how to tailor your campaign to get the results you need. Our PPC expertise is returning 600% return on investment over 24 months on a campaign for a Surrey-based business. 


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