Before you begin the web development process for your website, you may have queries over which framework you should use. Here at Thunderbolt, we are experts in everything to do with websites, including development, and Laravel in Surrey. Having been around ten years, Laravel remains a developer favourite for many reasons. In order to help with the process of choosing a framework, we thought we would sum up the benefits of websites built on Laravel below;


Simplicity And Security


A Laravel website is simple to use and most developers will already be familiar with it. Another benefit is that there are plenty of built-in templates that developers can use off the bat, meaning that the development process is significantly reduced – ideal for cutting down on time and costs.


Laravel websites are very secure, and as security is a primary concern when it comes to businesses, this is ideal. To go into technical detail, Laravel uses a Bycrypt hashing algorithm. Essentially this means that no passwords are saved into the system, which improves company security.


Flexible and Easy To Manage


Another benefit of Laravel is its flexibility. You can build pretty much whatever you need on Laravel, anything from a simple B2B website all the way to a fully functioning ecommerce site. Also, you can add many advanced features such as password encryption, or add third-party add-ons to allow users to sign on through their social media accounts. More so, you are even able to integrate systems such as PayPal, or tools to help manage marketing. The possibilities with Laravel are endless.


Low Costs And Great Performance


Laravel is an open-sourced framework, meaning that it is free to use. This is great for keeping down costs, although you will still have to spend on hiring a developer for your website build. Hiring a website developer is an important task and should be carefully considered. To find out more about choosing a developer for your website, read the blog here.


Not only is Laravel free, it also has a great performance rate, so you can reduce costs without reducing your website quality. Laravel uses speed optimization techniques to boost website speed, and also is great for implementing other optimisation techniques, perfect for SEO a breeze in the park.


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