When creating a new website, you will need to choose your method of development wisely. Your method of development can be the make or break point for your website, and so it is important to weigh up exactly how you are going to go about the process. There are two options, you can choose to use a template, or you can design a website from scratch by coding it yourself. Our digital agency Surrey has an expert team of web developers on hand to help you where needed. Read on to find out more;


Template VS. Self-Coded Website 


Pros of Template


A template website is a great option if you want a minimal and efficient website. A template can be easy to work with and also is more beginner friendly if you do not have much coding experience.


Cons of Template


A template site can be restrictive when it comes to your creative freedom. As you are not tailoring the code to your specific website needs, you may be left with unnecessary code in your development files. 


Pros of Self-Coded


You can have more freedom to customise your site when you build it from scratch. The code is entirely yours and this means that you only have the code that is required for the site, rather than left over code. With a self-coded site, you can make it bespoke and unique, creating something that will be sure to catch users attention when done in the right way.


Cons of Self-Coded


If you don’t have the correct experience, coding a website yourself from scratch can go very wrong. You need to have enough knowledge of coding to be able to create a site confidently before you should attempt a large bespoke site for your business yourself. Also, coding from scratch will take much longer than using a template site.

Some Things To Consider

Whilst a self-coded website may not be within your field of coding expertise, if you still want the creative freedom which it offers, you can always hire someone else to code the site for you as you give your input into what you would like on the site. An expert team of developers, such as ours here at our digital agency Surrey, will be able to help your website vision come to life. To read more on website development see here.


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