Here at Thunderbolt, we are experts in everything to do with websites, including Laravel development Surrey. Having been around ten years, Laravel remains a developer favourite for many reasons. If you haven’t used Laravel before it is definitely something to consider, and we have compiled some reasons for this within this article. Or, perhaps you already use Laravel? There are still many exciting things on the horizon for this platform.


The Future Of Laravel


The future of Laravel development seems to be a bright one. As such a versatile platform, the possibilities are near endless. In comparison to other PHP frameworks, Laravel is incredibly feature-rich and very fast functioning. This means that an enhanced experience can be offered to the client, something so very important in business. 


The scalability of the framework is also something to note, as almost any idea can be turned into a high-tech web application easily and accurately.


Why Choose Laravel?


As Laravel is an open-sourced framework, it is cost free, meaning anybody can use it without spending a fortune. This is obviously ideal for those wanting to keep down costs. However, it should be noted that you will still have to spend on hiring a developer for your website build. Hiring a website developer is an important task and should be carefully considered.


Not only is Laravel free, it also has a great performance rate, so you can reduce costs without reducing your website quality. Laravel uses speed optimization techniques to boost website speed. It is great for implementing other optimisation techniques, perfect for SEO a breeze in the park.


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