Online retail sales are rocketing. It wasn’t that long ago you could walk down the High Street, pick up a CD from Our Price, take a photo using a camera from Comet, nip down to Woolworths for your pick and mix and be home in a few hours. You could probably now get most of the above done within 15 minutes online with a better choice, price and without having to deal with the weather or a parking ticket.

Currently around 12.7 % of retail shopping is done online and forecasts estimate this to go up to around 25% within the next 3 years for online retail sales with the closure of (worst case) 65,000 shops UK-wide. So what do we do about it? As a web design agency building ecommerce websites, you’d expect me to say get a good online presence, make your website SEO friendly and build a web app that capitalises on your mobile traffic – and that’s your only solution as a retailer. Well I would have to say NO, that’s not the only way; some of my happiest times would be going down to the shops with my friends on a Saturday afternoon to buy something I’d been saving my pocket money for all week. You could touch the product, or try it on and most importantly get your friend’s opinion.

Unfortunately we can’t turn the tide – and more companies and buyers will prefer to shop online. If you are considering an ecommerce website then Thunderbolt Digital should be one of your top choices. We have over 50 years combined online ecommerce experience and live and breathe website design and build, but we do have a proper office and would much prefer to see you face to face than on Skype or If you are based in Surrey or Hampshire and would like to speak to us about web design or online marketing, pick up the phone 01252 413757.