It’s sometimes hard to know where your website is going wrong. There are certain aspects of your website that aren’t clear from viewing the site; for example, bounce rates and page load speeds. These tools allow a digital agency in Surrey like us to fix these issues and get your website working at its optimum capacity. Here we review some of the free tools that we use alongside paid tools that can be helpful for small businesses. 

Here’s where a digital agency in Surrey would start:

Page Speed Insights

This tool allows you to see how well your site performs on both mobile and desktop view. All you need to do is type in your URL and it does the rest for you! It takes a scan of your site and gives you a score out of 100. Getting a score of 0-89 means that your website requires improvement in terms of page load speed, or the code used. Page speed insights allows you to see where the holes are in your website that you can’t see at first glance. 


Pingdom speed test 

Pingdom allows you to test the page load speed of every page on your site. It provides you with a grade for each section, allowing you to see exactly what the issues are and where. It provides you with suggestions on what to improve; as well as a rundown of the content on your website and the effect it is having on your page load speed. 


Screaming frog 

This tool means that as a digital agency in Surrey, our lives are made much easier. We use this tool to take a scrape of a whole site and detect where the issues are. Screaming frog creates a spreadsheet of sorts that identifies if there are any missing meta descriptions or page titles, if any are duplicated. It also detects if there are any 404s on your site and shows us what the current keywords are that are in your copy. 


Google Analytics

Google analytics is used by a digital agency in Surrey to see the engagement of a website. This allows you to see the amount of time a viewer stays on your site, along with the amount of pages & bounce rate. The longer the amount of time the better! We’re all guilty of leaving a website as soon as we don’t find what we’re looking for; this increases the bounce rate. If this is the case, we know that the customer is not finding what they need; or the wrong type of customers are coming to your website.

A typical bounce rate is between 40-60% and varies between industries. If your website is at the upper-end of 60% or more it is worthwhile looking at the reasons why customers might be leaving. As a digital agency, we are frequently contacted to undertake website audits. We then make recommendations that will bring down the bounce rate and therefore improve sales or leads.

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