If you’re considering hiring a social media agency like Thunderbolt Digital, or if you’re considering working in this industry, you may have asked yourself what an executive actually does day to day. As a social media exec I can tell you that a lot more goes into the day to day role than you probably realise! Here’s in insight into an average day of my life working in organic and paid social media advertising at a marketing agency in Surrey :


Content Creation & Copywriting

A huge part of my role as a social media executive is coming up with ideas for organic social media posts, ad campaigns, blogs and more. Another huge part of my role is copywriting. Writing copy for posts, ads, blogs, websites, whitepapers. You name it, I’ve probably written it!


Regular research and continuous learning also make up part of my role. Staying up to date on current trends and what other marketers are doing is crucial. Because if you don’t, you will get left behind.

Google Analytics

Working at a results-driven marketing agency, using Google Analytics is second nature at this point. As a social media executive I use it to measure the following:


  • What social media channels are driving traffic to the site?
  • How engaged are the users on the site? What’s the bounce rate and session duration? What’s the conversion rate?
  • Which social media posts drove the most traffic to the site?
  • What do users do once they’re on the site? What pages do they visit next?
  • How are our ad campaigns performing?


Armed with this information, I can evaluate the effectiveness of my campaigns and identify improvements.

Audits, SWOT Analysis & Competitor Comparison

Now this isn’t a daily occurrence but it is a key part of my role. I’m continuously assessing our marketing efforts and looking for improvements. Firstly, there’s audits. I’ll conduct a social media audit upon taking over a new client and thereafter roughly every 2-4 weeks. Read a previous blog to find out how to conduct a social media audit


It’s best practice to complete a SWOT analysis and competitor comparison too. Why? In order to get the best results from marketing ask yourself the following questions: Where are you now? Where do you want to be? What are your weaknesses and how can you improve? Do you have opportunities to be better? What are some threats to your success? 


It’s also crucial to keep up to date with your competitors. What are they saying? What are they doing? Is there anything they do particularly well that you don’t? But remember: learn, don’t copy.

Daily Checks

As a general rule of thumb, I’ll check the campaigns every day to make sure the ads are live and haven’t been disapproved, check the budget, and take a look at the results. Since Thunderbolt is a results-driven marketing agency the results of campaigns are something I pay huge attention to. We need to make sure that we are getting our clients the results they are looking for, while making the most out of their budgets and delivering a healthy ROI. Every day I’ll check to make sure we’re on track to meet our targets, and every week I’ll take a deep dive into the account to identify any improvements. Which leads me onto my next point: optimisations. 


As a social media executive, a huge part of my role is optimising ad campaigns. 

Looking for more info on how to optimise social media ads? Take a look at our blog How to Optimise Social Media Ads. 


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