Thunderbolt Digital specialise in digital marketing Surrey to ensure your website is found online. Creating interesting and relevant content is crucial, but the only way to ensure campaigns are successful is to track, analyse, and learn from data.


Basing your campaign goals on existing data gives you a clear focal point of what, when and where to invest your time and money. Use comparison tools like SEMrush to obtain competitive data and help you find profitable keywords; for example, what keywords to use on Google AdWords to work with your budget and overall goal. Comparative websites give you the data to compare websites and the nitty gritty SEO information to better understand not only your competitors’ websites, but also your own.


Qualitative data is really important for understanding your audience. Digital marketing is all about engagement; interacting with your audience through personalised content is now a huge factor to a successful campaign. Use competitors’ social media channels to look at how audiences like, comment and share content and how your competitors are responding, and most importantly, what they are doing right!


When using paid advertising, the success of your campaigns will be down to research and analytics. We recommend using Google Keyword Planner in order to understand costs and help execute affordable, relevant adverts. GKP does exactly what it says on the tin, plan your keywords! The tool gives you an estimate quote for keywords you are looking to use and the average monthly searches – the main positive of GKP being that it is free!


With all data collected, you can now monitor key metrics such as who is finding your website, where they are coming from, what they are doing, and most importantly; who is converting! There are multiple online tools to do so, with Google Analytics being the most-used and, in our opinion, most effective. This information will give you insights into what method of advertising is most successful; allowing you to understand your audience’s behaviour and interests to create successful campaigns.

Have any questions about analysing competition, Thunderbolt Digital marketing Surrey agency is here to support! Our team of digital marketers are here to implement an effective strategy to ensure a strong online presence and a great ROI. If you have any questions then pop us an email to or give us a call on 01252 413 757.