As a local business owner, you want your business to excel as much as possible in your respective target area. Even though Google can feel crowded with huge companies, you can find yourself a high spot on Google’s local rankings. You just need to be smart and optimise efficiently. As a Surrey marketing agency, we know the importance of achieving good local rankings, so here are a couple of tips for getting your ranking where you want it to be.

How Does Google Determine Ranking


There are a few different factors that determine how you will rank on Google. Local results are primarily judged on three defining factors;


RelevanceThis refers to how accurate a local listing matches what someone is searching for.


Distance – Refers to the distance of each potential search result from the location term used in a search.


Prominence – Essentially, how well a business is known. However, some places may be more prominent in the physical world than online, and search results will try to reflect this.


Optimise Your SEO 


Optimising your SEO can be a defining factor in where you sit ranking wise. To optimise your SEO, you can target specific keywords that are relevant to your business, and start incorporating this into your website content. Our Surrey marketing agency has experience and can navigate the ins and outs of SEO, helping you to start. If you are interested in SEO, and want to avoid mistakes, you can get a little more insight into what to avoid here.


Once you have identified core local keywords, start using these organically where you can. You can optimise titles, image file descriptions, contact pages or even start up a blog.


A blog is a great way to add your keywords seamlessly into your website all whilst creating engaging content for your audience. 


See more about the benefits of your business having a blog here.

Set Up A My Business Account


If you haven’t already, you should set up a Google My Business account. Then, optimise this account and keep it up to date, and let it help boost your local presence. Our digital agency in Surrey always recommends setting up an account. This is because your account will allow you to show up in local search results and to reach those who are relevant customers. 


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