Our Surrey based team here at Thunderbolt Digital specialises in SEO and marketing techniques, as well as website design and development. We tailor our work and advice to fit the specific needs of our customers and have helped many SMEs climb the rankings of Google in the space of a few short months due to our expert knowledge of the industry. Something which can be confusing for many but is something our SEO Surrey team here at Thunderbolt Digital have mastered the art of is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and how to make it work for your website.

So you’ve done the work, followed all the rules, know all the SEO tips and tricks – you’ve keyword optimised your site and regularly publish blogs including your relevant keywords, but your rankings aren’t what you’d like, or even realistically expect. What’s happening, are you not accounting for something? Perhaps our SEO Surrey team can help. It could be that you’ve overlooking an important factor: user input and feedback.

Obviously most people don’t actually manually review every website they visit, and let search engines know whether they thought a site was legitimate or worthwhile, but Google uses a set of algorithms to measure certain user behaviour that can help indicate whether a site is relevant to their searched keyword. Unfortunately, no matter how relevant your site is to your keyword, if your target audience disagrees, they do have the power to knock down your rankings!

A tool you should definitely be using is Google Analytics (a site our SEO Surrey team use often), there’s a whole wealth of information that it can help you with, the most relevant here being the bounce rate of your site, which is the percentage of users who return to the search results page after just viewing the landing page of your site. A normal bounce rate can be anything up to the rate of 50%, but any more than that should start to be cause for alarm as it can begin to affect your Google ranking.

If your bounce rate is starting to look worrisome, our SEO Surrey team have a few pointers you can do to combat this. The first is to make sure your landing page doesn’t take too long to load – consumers are notoriously impatient (especially if viewing a site on a phone) and if your page doesn’t load in good time they may simply backspace in frustration. An attractive home page is always a must, and any pop-up calls to action are best saved for certain pages rather than the first one to avoid irritating potential customers into leaving. Good navigation, friendly UX, and perhaps even a clearly visible search bar can also helps users navigate around your site more easily and maybe stay a little longer (thus improving your Google ratings).

If you’re feeling a little lost about SEO, social media, or marketing, why not contact us; based in Farnham, Surrey, Thunderbolt Digital are always here to help local businesses traverse the tricky terrain of social media and search engine rankings. Our friendly team can help optimise your site for your chosen keywords as well as offer advice on how to increase your visibility. We also offer hosting, web design and development services, all tailored to your business’ needs. If you want to see what Thunderbolt can do for your site, why not give us a call on 01252 413757 or email howdy@wearethunderbolt.com – we’d be happy to answer any of your questions about our services!