One of the most important things in modern business is to make sure you are being seen on search engines, the main one, of course, being Google. But how do you make the Google algorithm work for you and your business? Here at Thunderbolt Digital, we are experienced in all forms of digital marketing and are one of the leaders in SEO in Surrey. We were even finalists in the European Search Awards 2021 in the ‘Best Small SEO Agency’ category!


Keep Your SEO Campaign Up To Date


It is important to monitor your campaign and keep it up to date with how and what users are searching to make sure you are reaching your audience. Also, keep an eye on how your competitors are doing and how you compare. As it is them you are fighting against for that top spot on the search results. Lastly and most importantly, you need to be up to date with Google’s updates. 


Google made two changes last year: 

  • A new set of ranking signals: Core Web Vitals. As part of its page experience update, to more accurately measure how users perceive the experience of interacting with web pages.
  • A block on third-party cookies on the Chrome browser as part of the Privacy Sandbox initiative.


Keyword Research


Keyword research should be the main component in your SEO campaign and you aren’t already doing it, you need to start. When researching keywords, it is important not only to look for the most popular keywords with high search volumes but to also find relevant keywords with lower search volumes. Called opportunity keywords, these words should be easier to rank. With them looking less attractive to competitors. These should also be more relevant keywords to your business and should guarantee more interested customers who are actively searching for what you offer.


Write Quality Content


Google’s main aim is to provide users with an easy and enjoyable experience to keep them using their site. They need good content to do that. Worry less about writing for Google and write content you know your audience will enjoy. This not only will build a relationship with your audience but will show Google that people like your content as they are staying on your site and reading it. This proves to Google that your content is relevant to the search term and that it’s quality, unique content that gave users what they were looking for.


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