As an experienced digital agency in Surrey, Thunderbolt Digital know all too well what it’s like when customers don’t respond how we’d like them to, and how difficult this can make things on business owners! Of course, the goal for most websites is obviously not to drive potential customers, which is why it is worth paying attention to certain behaviours among users that can be predicted and therefore accounted for – it’s simple if you know what to look for.


People Will Skim Read

To try and combat this, aim to keep copy short and to the point, and include keywords to draw and maintain attention to specific points. Format text so that it is easy to read – paragraphs should not be too long, the font should be legible and a good size. Shorter copy may encourage users to fully read your text, but if they do skim, they should hopefully absorb more than they would otherwise.


Users Don’t Want To Leave Page One Of Search Engine Results

Whether we like it or not, many people using google to search for something will not venture beyond the first page of search results (sometimes even past the first few hits!). Unfortunately, this means that they’re missing out on a lot of possibly helpful and relevant content, but will never find that out! It’s unlikely for users to change their browsing habits, so we must adapt instead, and work to push page results for certain keywords higher through the effective implementation of SEO (contact your local digital agency in Surrey to find out how).


Users Need Help Finding What They Need

Users are used to websites looking and acting in a certain way, and can often overlook important links and information if it is not where they expect it to be. To avoid this, ensure your navigation is easy to read and simple to follow. Try not to hide things in odd places or under unintuitive subcategories. Keep contact information and other CTAs prominent, preferably on every page of your site – you’ll notice many businesses keep a telephone number visible at the top of their web page, or as part of their site footer.


If you’re finding predicting and reaching your target audience more difficult than you’d hoped, then Thunderbolt Digital is here to help – we are a digital agency in Surrey with an expert in-house team who are fully equipped to help you with all your online marketing and web design needs. Call us today on 01252 413 757 to arrange a meeting, or drop us an email at to let us know what you need.