As a team that specialise in web development in Surrey, sometimes our developers can get a bit carried away with their dev jargon. As hard as we try not to confuse any of our clients, sometimes it might feel that web design masterminds use it just to confuse everyone (we don’t, we promise!)

Backend. CSS. Develop. Why can’t things just be simple? We’ve simplified everything for you here in this blog…


What’s the difference between web design and web development?


A web designer is (usually) the more creative of the two. Their job is to deal with the visuals, layout and the actual design of the website. Essentially, a web designer will focus on how the website is going to look.


If you’d like a certain colour here, or some more images here, they’ll sort it for you and add it to the designs. Web designers tend to have lots of experiences in making things look pretty, as they’ll usually have  backgrounds in graphic design.


A web developer’s job is a bit different. Their job is to build the core of the site and make sure it works. Once they’ve got their designs from the web designer, the web developer will work from the designs to build the functionality and the technical aspects.


If you’ve ever been on a website and seen moving parts, like an animation that changed when hovered or clicked on, it’s because a developer has written code that makes it do that. Pretty cool!


What’s the difference between HTML and CSS (and what do they stand for)?


HTML is the language of page design, and it stands for Hypertext Markup Language. CSS is a style sheet language, which is used to describe the layout of HTML code.


In simpler terms, HTML is the language of text, and CSS refers to page design. CSS helps web developers format their HTML into different layouts and styles, to make the website look pretty.


What’s a favicon?


A favicon is the tiny image that appears next to the domain name in the browser. For example, since you’re reading this on our website you’ll see that our favicon is a little blue lightning bolt. And it’s as simple as that!


What is…Javascript?


Javascript is a dynamic programming language. With Javascript, you can add so many extra functionality features that make your website look much more exciting! You can input image carousels, animations and automatic video streams onto your website!

If you’re still bamboozled by all this website jargon, then our team of web designers and web developers will explain everything. If you’re looking for web development in Surrey, then get in touch today. Call us on 01252 413757 or email us at