Data privacy, for some companies, is a common cause for concern. This is especially true in recent years where companies have access to large quantities of customer data. Failure in protecting the integrity and privacy of customer data can lead to considerable reputational damage and in worse cases, legal sanctions. As specialists in digital marketing and website design Surrey, this guide aims to help you understand data privacy and what you need to do to stay safe. 

What is Data Privacy 

In simple terms, data privacy refers to the right for consumers to delegate how third-party companies and organisations use their data. Information that may be given includes; personal, financial and demographic details. These details can be immensely useful within marketing to create better targeted and personalised experiences. However, this also leads to some consumers being concerned that their privacy is being violated. 

Why is Privacy Important for Marketing in 2022?

There have been a number of changes in recent years regarding data privacy that has considerable effects on marketing. New restraints have a negative impact on a marketer’s ability to collect valuable insights. However, that’s not all. Marketers are often responsible for the brand image of different companies and ignoring privacy policy can have a negative impact on brand value. 

Tips for Handling Data Privacy in Marketing 

Be Transparent 

On your website, make sure to include easily accessible privacy laws, cookies and terms of conditions pop ups for users to see clearly. Doing so allows customers to easily opt-out of shared data and feel secure on your webpages. 

Macro Level Targeting 

Additionally, you can also mitigate recent data privacy challenges by optimising your creative strategy. Rather than creating individualised ad experiences, you can also look at metrics on a macro level. By doing so, you can target large amounts of consumers whilst not needing their specific data. 

Rewarding Customers 

Customer satisfaction insights offer an alternative way to connect with customers. By offering promo codes and discounts in exchange for personal information and insights, you are more likely to be able to receive this information. Additionally, customers are still afforded the ability to opt-out.


Data privacy can be a serious cause for concern for any marketer looking to gain valuable insights into their audiences. However, by being transparent regarding your data usage, allowing the opportunity to opt-out and adding rewards in return for this data, you can still gain the valuable insights you need without risking legal sanctions. 

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