Social media is a permanent reality of online existence. As social media Farnham based marketers, we deem that it is essential for future success! But we understand that when you approach social media to market yourself for the first time, it can be a little confusing. As a local digital agency, the team at Thunderbolt Digital takes a keen interest in social media and specifically how it can affect our clients and their online marketing activity. There are many social media platforms out there and hence, we would like to briefly highlight some of the top platforms and their benefits that we think would be useful to any business wanting to grow their online presence.


Here at Thunderbolt Digital we are huge fans of Facebook. After ten years, it is still the world’s leading social media platform with nearly 1.6 billion users signed up. Having Facebook allows a business to invite people to their page and connect with potential customers on a personal level. In addition to this, Facebook is a near inexpensive and effective marketing tool with businesses being able to create a page for free and directly reach their target audience. This in the short and long term, it gives the business further exposure and online presence.


Although smaller than Facebook with 270 million users, LinkedIn is still not a social platform to ignore. It’s predominant user base are professionals, many of whom being connected to various other bigger businesses. The benefit of LinkedIn is that it promotes more of the B2B (business to business) marketing not just B2C (business to consumer) like many of the other platforms, while also being free.


Like Facebook, Twitter is a great social media platform to connect and create relationships with potential customers. As well as being an inexpensive tool, Twitter is efficient for collecting customer feedback and opinions about your businesses products or services. Besides gaining customer feedback, you can also use Twitter to learn and monitor what is being said about your business, easily!

These are by no means the only options for marketers to venture into. If you would like to change your online presence then there is no better place to come than Thunderbolt Digital. If you’d like to learn more about our web design, social media Farnham, SEO, or any of the other services we have to offer, get in touch today by emailing or by calling our office on 01252413757.