With 4.57 billion people using social media, aka half the world’s population, having a social media presence is crucial for your business. But with thousands of businesses online, getting noticed is slightly more challenging. With organic posts, on average you will only reach 6.4% of your followers. So how can you get your business out there? Here’s a guide by a marketing agency in Surrey to get your business seen through social media:


Who is your audience?

This first step is essential. Identify who your audience is: their age, gender, location and interests. Then identify what social media platforms they use most: for 16-24 year olds, Instagram and Snapchat may be the most popular, but for 35-44 year olds Facebook may be the most used platform. Once you know where your audience is, you are in a position to start creating ads or organic posts for them. Paid advertising is a great way to get your business seen through social media and reach people outside of your current followers. And you don’t have to have a huge budget either – you can tailor your budget to your business needs. 


What to post? What does a marketing agency in Surrey do?

You want to create content that is relevant to your target audience. A good rule of thumb is to have some variety of your posts. Below are a few different content ideas you can post on your page. Ask your followers a question, either through a poll, fill in the blank posts or through comments, to generate some engagement. Every now and then you could run a competition where they can win a product or service. Showcase new products or current promotions. Post about company updates, such as a new employee or new office space. Nostalgic content or relatable memes tend to perform well, and often results in users tagging their friends. Try to include an image or video in your posts and make them visually appealing. And lastly – experiment! Trial and error will be key here and try to have fun with it. Try out different content and see what performs the best and achieves the most engagements or website clicks.


A Surrey marketing agency always thinks…When to post?

Certain times of day, or days of the week are better for posting content. For e-commerce businesses, our Surrey marketing agency recommends posting Thursday-Sunday, as this tends to be the best time to post for optimal results. Using social media insights, you can see what day/time your followers are online, so you know when the best time to post is. By posting when your followers are most active, you are increasing the chances of getting your business seen. And finally, be consistent with posting to keep an engaged, online presence. 



Hashtags are a good way to organically reach more people with your posts. Use popular hashtags that are relevant to your target audience. 


Location tagging 

Add a location tag to instagram posts so your posts show up when someone views that location. So if your restaurant is based in London, when someone searches for London, they will see the top performing and most recent posts in this area. It also helps your followers and potential customers to know where your business is located, so they can see how relevant you are to them.


Pin your posts

Pin important posts, such as current competitions, big company news or Covid-19 updates to the top of the page. That way, when potential new followers or existing followers click on your page, this post will be the first one they see – even if it was posted a month or more ago. It also helps to have the most relevant content pinned to the top of the page to help users decide if they want to follow your account, and if your content is something they will be interested in.


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