Tackling the everyday struggles of low phone battery and tangled headphones can be a bit of a tedious task. Here at Thunderbolt Digital, our team of web designers, developers, and marketing experts are always looking for ways to make life just that little bit easier. To help you along with these everyday torments, this Surrey based digital agency has provided our ‘Top 10 Office Life Hacks’.

1. Most of you, like us, will spend the majority of the day glued to a keyboard and mouse.  This can result in your board becoming quite dirty from time to time. A quick and easy way to avoid this is by using the sticky part of a post-it note to clean it.

2. Is your desk becoming a jungle of wires and cables? Try using bulldog clips to help organise your cables and keep them tangle free.

3. Phone chargers are not the strongest of products. Placing the spring from an old pen on the cable will help it last that little bit longer.

4. Want a quick and easy alternative to scrolling through a page? Use the space bar on your keyboard to navigate down, and to scroll up simply hold down shift as well.

5.  Tired of your phone always going dead? If you put it in airplane mode when charging it, it will be 100% in no time.

6.  Fed up with always finding your headphones all tangled up in a knot? Check out this video for a quick and easy way to wrap them up, preventing them from getting tangled in your pocket.

7. Having problems finding batteries that work? Lift them roughly 6” off the table and drop them. If they bounce once they are fully working, if they bounce more than once they are dead or on their way out.

8. Your phone not playing your music loud enough? Place it in a cup to help boost the volume. You can also make a simple speaker system out of toilet roll and two cups. Click here to find out how.

9. Use masking tape to label your cables, keeping them more organised and tidy.

10. Turn an old cassette tape case into a cheap, easy, hassle-free phone stand.


We hope you have enjoyed our list of life hacks. Hopefully, we have made your working life that bit easier to navigate now. If you have any suggestions or have some life hacks of your own, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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