Free fonts play an important part in the design of any website. Choosing the right font is an essential step in creating an appropriate aesthetic for your site, and also in delivering the biggest impact towards your potential audience. Our team of web developers and graphic designers at Thunderbolt Digital are always trawling the world wide web for stylish and inspired fonts to add to their arsenal. Searching for the right font can be a very time consuming and tedious task, so to help ease your burden, we bring you our Top 10 Free Fonts.

1.Brain Flower

By: Denise Bentulan

This stylish font is based around the currently popular hand drawn effect. It has a very casual nuance, perfect for anyone looking to add a more personal touch to their design.

Download Here

 2.Times New Yorker

By: D. O. C. S

Times New Yorker is a modern take on the classic default font, Times New Roman. The slightly smudged texture and spray paint effect portrays a distressed, almost grungy tone, great for alternative themes.

Download Here 

3.Optimus Princeps

By: Manfred Klein

Klein has designed a smart, modernistic, serif font. The sharp edges and rigid structure of each letter creates a distinguished theme throughout the font, oozing luxury and professionalism.

Download Here 


By: Flat-it

Bebas is a big and bold sans-serif font. The type stands out with ease against most backgrounds, perfect for headers, logos and titles, making it a very appealing choice for most designers.

Download Here

 5.Diner Family

By: David Rakowski

Conforming to a more vintage style, Diner Family resembles fonts used in the golden age of Hollywood. Classy, elegant, and sophisticated, Diner Family is perfect for anyone looking to recreate that iconic pre-50’s style.

Download Here

 6.Thirsty Script

BY: Ryan Martinson

Taking elements from vintage signage scripts such as Destone Stylus and Lobster, Thirsty Script is a perfect marriage of contemporary and vintage, perfect for anyone looking for a more modern and casual font in their designs.

Download Here 

7.Ostrich Sans

By: Tyler Finck

Ostrich Sans is a beautiful and modern sans-serif script. This set includes 8 different styles and weights, providing you with a whole range of typographic variety at your finger tips.

 Download Here

8.Open Sans

By: Ascender Fonts

Simplistic yet stylish, Open Sans is a very diverse font. Available in a range of styles, it can be used for almost every occasion; a certain must-have for every designer.

 Download Here


By: Pablo Impallari

Impallari has created a stunningly bold sans-serif font. This pack is full of hundreds of subtle swoops and curls, providing you with a font that flows beautifully.

Download Here 


By: Daniel Hernandez

Sanchez, belonging to the slab serif family, bears a strong resemblance to the infamous Rockwell font, but with a more rounded structure. Available in 12 different variants, this font is perfect for anyone looking for a contemporary edge on a classic.

Download Here 


Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Glyphr Studio offers an online platform through which you can create your own html5 based font, free of charge.


Hopefully our list of Top 10 Free Fonts has provided you with some new and inspired fonts that have taken your fancy, or better yet, inspired you to create your own to share with the world. This list is only a small portion of the free fonts available to download online, with hundreds more being uploaded every week, forming an endless catalogue to choose from.

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