A survey by eConsultancy of more than 500 companies indicated that they wanted to expand their digital marketing presence, but felt that a shortage good-quality skilled workers was preventing them from doing so.

From my experience, there are a number of people that call themselves digital marketing experts but lack the knowledge that is required to fully understand the spectrum of digital marketing, which in turn limits the ability of their clients to get a proper Return on Advertising (ROA). This is where a digital agency with a combined knowledge within numerous sectors will really benefit companies struggling to get to grips with digital marketing. By combining marketers who have developed and managed campaigns from lunchboxes to restaurants the client gets many experts for the price of one.

Retained agencies have become a thing of the past over the last few years; budgets are cut and the first thing that goes is the marketing budget. This, in my opinion, is a missed opportunity to combine years of online marketing experience at a fraction of the cost of employing a full-time member of staff.

Using retained agencies to outsource online marketing services, instead of paying a high marketing salary to one individual is a really viable option that most companies should now take a closer look at.

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