Imagine you owned Tesco, M&S or Sainsbury’s; now imagine standing at the front of the store and seeing lots of people browsing your goods, carefully putting each item into their shopping trolley and then leaving their trolley in the middle of the aisle and walking straight out of the store, across the road to your competitor.

If you saw over 50% of your customers doing this every day you’d soon be putting every resource available into finding out what was going on.

Some online retail stores have as little as 20% retention, but no one seems to be as worried as they would be on the real High Street. To me, this seems like madness, why proactively try to sell online if you don’t care why your customers are buying or not buying from you?  This is marketing 101 – find out what your customers want and provide it to them so they keep coming back for more. User Experience (UX) is now pivotal in keeping customers wanting and coming back for more.

Does your website have abandoned trolleys? Do you know why people are browsing, adding items to the basket but not going to check out?

Thunderbolt Digital are experts with online UX that can really help to improve retention and growth from your online shop. We are a specialist web agency based in Farnham, Surrey and really understand all things digital.