Some things are almost suspiciously obvious. Surely designing a user-friendly website that’s fit for purpose can’t be as simple as working out what you find useful on the sites you use yourself? Well, it’s not all there is to it but it’s a really good starting point. Our web design Surrey team have worked on many websites and would love to work on yours!

If you sell consumer products, you should think about the sites that you buy from online. Which ones do you find easy to use? Which ones make you buy more than you intended? If you provide business-to-business products or services, which sites do you use yourself and find reassuring and easy to use? In every web design scenario it’s a good idea to look around for what else is out there and to analyse your own web habits. Force yourself to step away from your own brand and your own ideas for a moment and really think about why you use certain websites more than others. You can expand this thought process to sites that don’t relate to your specific product or service. What’s good about that news site you visit, or that blog? Why do you default to certain e-commerce sites over others?

The next step is to picture your customer – what are they like, what do they do all day, and what are the things on their mind when they look for products and services such as yours? When they find your website, what’s in it for them? What sort of other websites might they find? What would make them prefer your website over the others?

Questions like these form part of a thorough web design process. If you need web design and your business is based in Surrey or Hampshire, call us on 01252 413757 for a quote. Our web design Surrey team would be more than happy to help.