Here at Thunderbolt Digital Surrey we are professionals in all things, you guessed it, digital. We understand the time it takes to keep all digital platforms updated, which is why amongst many other things we are a professional email marketing company.

Receiving promotional emails can be extremely frustrating, a number of times I have had to scroll to the very bottom of an email and use my fingers to zoom in order to locate that teeny-tiny ‘unsubscribe’ link to a company I couldn’t even remember subscribing to! So yes, we understand your frustration, but did you know that in the UK every £1 spent on email marketing has a ROI of £38?

Most email marketing campaigns are successful through accurate data collection, understanding your audience and distributing the correct emails at the right time, to the right person. Being an email marketing company we understand this; so here are three crucial components to a successful email marketing campaign.


Know Your Audience

If you are an IT Data Protection company, we recommend not using emojis in or around your emails. (Insert laughing face emoji.) Know who your audience is, what they want, and when they want it. Your recipients would have signed up to your emails for one reason or another, they expect your brands morals to be depicted in the same way as you would face-to-face or on another platform… which brings me to my next point.



Consistency is key. In order to achieve your marketing campaign goals you must be consistent across all platforms. Your content and message is who you are as a brand, as a company. If your customers have already viewed similar branded content across different platforms, email marketing is an excellent point of contact for them to connect with your company whom they already have an opinion on. As an external email marketing company with over 40 years experience, we understand the importance and strength of consistency across all marketing platforms!



I’m a sucker for a great subject line; I love comedy in an email and still get butterflies when they know my name. Personalising a subject line is 26% more likely to be opened, but personalisation doesn’t have to stop at the name. Going back to knowing your audience, make sure the reason for your email is relevant to your customer! Tell a story in your email marketing, introduce your company, make them aware of an expiring offer, reveal a new product, just remember to be human; nobody likes an automated email!


When is the last time you received an email that made you want to open it? What is the main reason you subscribe to an email marketing company? We’d love to hear from you! The team here at Thunderbolt Digital Surrey are professionals in all things digital. If you have any questions ranging from email marketing to a full digital makeover, pop us an email over to or have a chat with a team member on 01252 413757.