Here at Thunderbolt digital we always like to keep up to date with the web and it seems video production is becoming very popular in the marketing world. We’ve done a bit of research and here’s our opinion on what’s going down…

Have you ever been amazed how a laughing cat or Justin Bieber can get over 21 million views on YouTube? Me too, but I was just talking about Justin Bieber. Video production is becoming a key part of most marketing strategies for brand-savvy companies, and getting your film right can be the difference between a good and bad quality lead.  Google now provides something called “Universal Search” which delivers video, images and content based on the search. Companies who haven’t even optimised their website can appear above a competitor who spends thousands per month on SEM (search engine marketing). Here’s some more food for thought, internet film will reach 50% of consumer internet traffic by the end of 2012 (research from Cisco Systems).

Placing a video not only on your own website but also on your company’s YouTube page (and linking to it from Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo etc) is a great way of increasing your visibility. A well-produced, relevant and well-optimised video campaign will push your business up the Google rankings towards that much desired top spot.

When it comes to producing your video “cost versus value” should be a key part of your thinking. Bear in mind that (based on the above research) the first engagement a new customer has with your brand will probably be your video. The planning, time and also budget allocated should reflect the core values of your brand and product. In short, cutting corners on your film production can result in a negative experience for your viewer’s first interaction with you. That’s not to say that you can’t create a high-quality video at comparability low cost; a ten-minute Film shoot with limited actors perhaps shooting the same location from different angles on a day can create something of cinematic appearance but present your company in a totally new light.

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