As an award-winning web design agency in Surrey, Thunderbolt Digital are always sure to keep up with the latest trends in web design and make it a matter of pride to ensure that our designs are always both functional and contemporary. Of course, every year brings in new trends and 2019 is no different! Whether you choose to follow trends or prefer to push back against them with something different, make sure to watch out for:



Minimalism has been popular amongst web design spaces for the past few years, with emphasis being placed on “clean” websites with solid blocks of colour, streamlined shapes, and sans serif fonts. However, this has evolved (as design tends to do) into what some are referring to as the next logical step: Brutalism. Sites featuring a brutalist design are even more parsed down than minimalist websites with emphasis placed on function over style, and an often narrower colour palette.


Thumb Friendly

Mobile traffic has been beating traditional desktop traffic for the past few years now, and whilst mobile responsive design has been at the top of everyone’s list since the tables started to turn (and Google started to prioritise responsive sites in their searches) we’re only now starting to see a shift towards mobile first design. This means we’ll be seeing a greater number of sites designed with mobile audiences in mind, rather than desktop. What exact sort of changes this will lead to are uncertain, but they will probably be geared towards vertical design and “thumb friendly” UX, such as situating menus at the bottom of the screen instead of the top. If you’re looking for a web design agency in Surrey to help you create a mobile friendly UX, then get in touch!


Non Traditional Scrolling

Generally when browsing a web page, you expect any scrolling to be vertical; as you move your finger or scroll wheel up and down, so too the page you’re viewing will move up and down. However, some sites are already experimenting with different ways to scroll to make the experience more interesting and interactive to users – some may use horizontal scrolling, some may use variations of parallax scrolling, and some sites even employ scroll-triggered animations to tell a story with “help” from the user.


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