Copywriting is seen as a skill or an art, but this is a misconception. As a marketing agency in Surrey, we know it’s really just writing in the way that you would speak in a conversation. It should read like you were making a speech or telling your friend about the topic. It is commonly associated with the use of abbreviations, and a very informal tone. But what is “copy”, well it’s anything from a blog, to the words on a website, to what is written in a brochure or pamphlet. Anything that is displaying your business is considered copy. There are always varying degrees of success when it comes to copywriting, so here are some quick tips to help you get started. 


Make your points in the first paragraph

As a nation our attention spans are shortening. We want the information we need, and we want it now. We are all guilty of loading a web page, reading the first few lines, and then choosing another website instead. This is exactly what you want to stop, or limit if you can. The easiest way to do this is to present your reader with questions relevant to the topic, and answer them within a few sentences. This will keep them engaged and wanting to read more as they assume you will continue to answer their queries. 

Find your audience

Who is it you’re targeting? An elderly woman? A teenager? Someone looking to buy an expensive product? You need to take into account your audience when you write. Your tone of voice, directness and feel are all dependent on this. You wouldn’t typically try to convince someone that is 80 to buy something in the same way you would to someone who is 20. One way to solve this is to create a persona. A “fake” person can allow you to write to them, instead of fumbling around with an idea. Make your person real, give them a name, a background, hobbies and goals. Make them as real as possible, so that when you write, you can know whether this is something your persona would actually read, if yes then great, if not then you know to reword your copy. 


How does it benefit the reader?

Highlight what the reader gains from reading your copy. What can they learn? What difference can it make to them? These are points you need to focus on. Make them question what they are doing compared to what you are suggesting, show them a better way. Whether this is through a new and improved product or a service that takes half the time. Showcase the point of difference you are trying to make. 


Boost your credibility- why should they listen to you?

Explain to the reader why you’re knowledgeable in this area. For example, you could drop in that you were a marketing agency in Surrey, or award winning in your field, or your years of experience in that area. You need to show the reader that you’re trustworthy and are relaying valuable, tested information. 


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