The Surrey office of Thunderbolt Digital is running out of wall space. Starting in 2013, our founder Saybhan Delilkhan pinned posters of our finest digital work to the office walls. What became clear very quickly, is how Thunderbolt Digital has become the leading digital marketing agency offering web design in Surrey.

Digital and Web Design in Surrey with Thunderbolt Digital

Our approach is focused on the user experience. Company website visitors must have a positive encounter every single time. Functionality issues are the biggest put-off for consumers of online goods and services. Choosing the correct solutions is important and we find many small to medium enterprise businesses in Surrey have tried out several to no avail.

How We Offer a Quality Agency Experience at Thunderbolt Digital in Surrey

Web design and development:

Our developers are experts on all website platforms and will strip your business approach online back to basics, designing a site with you that suits your company.

Social media campaigns and management:

Driving traffic to a website and achieving conversion sales is the ultimate goal of any effective company website. We ensure you are set up to run campaigns and we can manage them for you. We also offer social media training and consultancy to ensure you get the most out of your new or existing social media channels. We are one of a few digital agencies that offer this service.

Mobile web and apps:

95% of customers seeking a local area product or service will use their mobile to find it. At some stage, perhaps on their way to you in the car, a customer will be looking at a smart screen device. We make all the websites we build responsive to mobile screens. Our developers can create custom apps, too  – and with our expertise, we will maximise your customers’ ability to buy from you.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) including Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

We have in-house experts in SEM, PPC, and SEO and can advise you on the right strategy for your business and website. All websites will be search engine friendly and you will have an immediate advantage when you choose Thunderbolt Digital for your website build. In some cases, additional boosts are required to optimise your search engine listings and we know all the tricks and tools to make that happen.

Email marketing:

Call-to-action copywriting requires time, dedication, and talent, and Thunderbolt Digital copywriters take your passion and turn it into sales. Managing customer contact and responses is crucial to forming a list of customers who will read your news.

Whiteboard videos:

Whiteboard videos have rapidly become a popular way to introduce a company to the world and to communicate what you really stand for. People respond to videos warmly and it’s possible to get a complex message across very simply by using this medium. Thunderbolt Digital will create a unique video for your website that encapsulates the essence of your business.

Web Hosting:

Thunderbolt Digital gives an honest breakdown of what kind of hosting service best suits your business. If you want your visitors to be able to move smoothly through company information, shopping baskets, selections, tabs, maps, contact forms, videos, and delivery systems you need to know how much space you need from the web. It only takes moments for experts at Thunderbolt Digital to help you with this decision. It takes years to build up an effective customer base if you get it wrong.

Support and website maintenance

Thunderbolt Digital we never just “set and forget”. Your website will grow as you do. We are passionate about helping you do that. We offer website maintenance and continuing support, should you need them. We offer everything in a way that suits you – either as a one-off charge or as a retained service for as long as you need it.


At Thunderbolt Digital size really matters. We offer small to medium enterprises and businesses a personalised agency experience at reasonable prices with your budget in mind. Contact us and speak to one of our friendly team in Farnham, Surrey on T: +44 01252 413 757. Contact our Managing Director Saybhan Delilkhan at Visit us on and Twitter.