Thunderbolt Digital are your local Surrey based digital agency offering a variety of services including web design, hosting, social media management and much more to our Camberley customers. Our skilled web design and social media teams always ensure to keep abreast of current events and developments in the digital industry so we can manage our clients’ accounts to professional levels and achieve likewise results. What’s caught our attention this week are announcements from Facebook surrounding possible updates to their immensely popular messenger app, one of which is already available to a number of users.

Our web design Camberley team have already reported (Facebook-owned) Instagram’s update which allows users to add multiple accounts (which makes our lives much easier for one) so it’s of little surprise that Facebook itself is looking to incorporate support for multiple accounts on its android messenger app. This new feature will make things infinitely easier for those who share devices with family and friends, and will definitely help those of the team here at Thunderbolt who are in charge of managing multiple accounts (as well as anyone else who’s in charge of their business’ social media accounts!).

On top of this, the company are now welcoming back SMS integration which had previously been retired in late 2013. The feature was previously removed due to supposed lack of popularity (though some theorise that this is a smokescreen and Facebook merely wanted to push the sole use of messenger), but is being brought back in an effort to make the Facebook messenger app the place to go for both texting and instant messaging. With the rise of popular messenger apps like LINE and WhatsApp, Facebook are pushing like never before to keep their own services at the top, and it seems that they believe SMS integration is something that can help them achieve this.

Both features are only available on Android as of the present time, though multiple accounts will most likely be available for iOS users soon enough; the same can’t be said for SMS integration, however, due to certain OS issues and restraints. On the other hand, SMS integration is still only in its testing phase as of yet, so anything could happen!

If you think your company’s site could do with a redesign, or maybe are considering creating your own app then Camberley’s top web design team at Thunderbolt Digital are here to help! We can create a custom website to your exact specifications and our team always works tirelessly to guarantee full customer satisfaction. If you’d like to hear more about our services, then contact our social media and web design Camberley team today by emailing, or giving us a ring at 01252 413757 – we’d be happy to answer any of your questions you may have about us!