You may have thought that enquiries would have fallen for web design in today’s climate. But you’d be wrong. In recent times we have been inundated with local clients looking for web design in Surrey, seeking to get ahead of the game. Now is the time to change it up and beat the trend. Make your website stand out with a new design. 


Increased demand


Why are people looking to change their site? In uncertain terms like these, the working climate is transforming. With everyone at home searching through their social media feeds or surfing the web, more people are finding your website. Many companies are receiving unprecedented enquiries or sales, and want to maximise this. Ecommerce sites in particular are benefiting from this change. They are seeing increased sales from both their website and through external sellers such as Amazon or Ebay. 


Why a new site? 


But why are they wanting to change their site? 96% of people turn to Google when they don’t know what they’re looking for, with potential customers like these, you need to make sure that you are providing them with the information they need straight away to retain that viewer. With increased sales, many people want to maximise this for as long as possible. Web design can change the way people see your site, making it more trustworthy and in turn boosting sales further. If you have a plain, boring site, many are likely to leave to find a different site. 


Adapt and change 


Now is the time to change it up a bit. Create a style and copy that isn’t just interesting, but inspiring! Show your viewers that you are what they need- convince them. In some circumstances, a change in layout can improve the UX dramatically or a change in colour scheme can mean a viewer has a whole different perspective on your site. A web design agency like us can change your site for the better, why not try it?  


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