Here at Thunderbolt Digital web design Surrey, we are aware just how important it is to remain up to date with current trends when designing and developing your website. 2017 seems to be the year of breaking conventions and we wanted to bring you an insight on the latest web design trends for this year.

Unique layouts

Making the best first impression is a vital part of web design. Your layout is the first thing users see and it needs to make you stand out! Minimalism made an appearance in 2016 and 2017 is continuing this trend. It’s all about keeping it simple, but unique with your layout. Accessibility is key in web design and your layout should make it easy for someone to navigate their way around. Using a box style layout always works well or an over-lapping of bold typography and graphics. Infinite scrolling is also a key trend in 2017, and while it has had positive user feedback, it is not recommended for SEO purposes. 

Image from Ohsnap | Web design Surrey

Phone on table | Web Design SurreyStock Imagery

We think stock imagery is massively underrated. Amateur photography can kill a well-designed website instantly, and unless you have the budget for a professional photographer stock imagery is the next best thing. Stock images are quick and easy to find and there’s a wide variety, which leaves you with plenty of choice.  There’s no waiting process either, such as waiting for a photographer to send back the images or to find time to organise a shoot. With stock imagery it has usually gone through a lengthy editing procedure too which means it can be better quality than some of those that are shot on assignment.

Illustrations & Graphics

With the growing number of websites popping up every day, illustrations and graphics are a great way to keep your website original. Our in-house designers here at Thunderbolt Digital love to create unique illustrations to gain the viewer’s attention. Not only this, but both graphics and illustrations can be used to echo concepts in the text and create visual explanations. 


Keeping up with the ever-changing string of web design Surrey trends ensures your website remains attractive, dynamic and engaging. If you’re having problems with your current site contact us for our help at Thunderbolt Digital. Email us at or call us at 01252413757.