Thunderbolt Digital are a local Surrey based digital agency that specialises in a wide range of services including website design, web development, hosting, social media management and more. Our fully in-house team are always on the lookout for latest trends and changes in the industry so we can keep ahead of the game and offer current and up to date designs and solutions to our clients. Our web design Surrey team especially like to keep a close eye on big players in the social media market, including Facebook and Twitter, the latter of which has just rolled out a new design for its homepage.

Our web design Surrey team spotted a change and chances are, sometime in the past month you’ve been confronted by Twitter’s rather boring homepage, which up until recently was nothing more than a photographic background with the options to either log in or sign up. This may not seem like a problem, but Twitter itself has reported that despite receiving over 500 million visitors per month, there are only 320 million registered users – that’s quite a disparity, meaning literally hundreds of millions of visitors are being presented with a rather lacklustre homepage without much incentive to sign up; after all, whilst users without an account can view non-private tweets and accounts when linked via a URL, there’s no way for them to truly ‘browse’ the site, and potential new users could often be left confused about what Twitter was really about.

However, in an effort to gain more users Twitter have now revamped the homepage into something a lot more engaging and interesting to both potential new users and logged out current users – the former are able to get a better picture of the site and community, and the latter can see things outside of their network without having to log in and browse the ‘moments’ tab. With this move it seems clear that even though Twitter still wishes to entice people to sign up, it is finally embracing the fact there will be regular users of the site who prefer to read tweets rather than make them themselves; in line with this, Twitter also seem to be looking for ways to incorporate promoted tweets into their new home page so non-registered users can see them too.

This much more colourful design has already been tried and tested in Japan and the United States, and after seeing some success with it, Twitter are now making it available in more countries including the UK as well as on its mobile app – go see for yourself!

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