Are you looking to try and increase your brand awareness, drive more traffic to your website, and get more sales? Facebook advertising is a great way to do this. As a Surrey marketing agency, we have lots of experience in social media marketing and have created this beginner’s guide to help give your company the awareness it deserves! 

Getting Started

First things first you need to head to your Facebook Ads dashboard. You can find this by clicking the dropdown arrow in the upper-right corner of Facebook and picking ‘Manage Ads’. From here you’ll be able to manage every aspect of your advertising campaign. Now this dashboard may look confusing but there are lots of useful tools that you’ll be using in your sleep in next to no time.

Creating Your First Ad

To kickstart your marketing campaign, you need to create your first ad. To do this, click the green button at the top right of your dashboard. This will bring up 11 different ad variations to help you reach your specific marketing goals, these are:

  1. Boost your posts
  2. Promote your Page
  3. Send people to your website
  4. Increase conversions on your website
  5. Get installs of your app
  6. Increase engagement in your app
  7. Reach people near your business
  8. Raise attendance at your event
  9. Get people to claim your offer
  10. Get video views
  11. Collect leads for your business

You will then have to provide different information depending on which option you choose. For example, if you choose “Boost your posts” you will then have to choose which posts to promote or if you choose “Send people to your website” or “Increase conversions on your website” you will have to provide a landing page from your website that you want your potential customer to go to when they click the link.

Choosing An Audience

The next step in your Facebook ad campaign will be to target a specific audience with your ad. You now get to pick between several options to make sure the best people are going to see your ad.

These different ways of targeting your audience will help give you the best chance of finding people that are going to want to become your customers. You can choose between: “Geographic targeting”, which allows you to target people in a certain area (great if you have a physical brick and mortar shop), “Age, gender, language targeting”, good if you have a specific target audience and “Target by interest or behavior”, this helps to target users that are passionate about what you do and have a very high chance of converting.

 Choosing A Budget

In budget settings, you can choose to spend as much or as little as you want and when you want to start spending. Facebook starts by offering a £20 daily budget but this can be changed up or down as you wish. You also get to pick between a ‘daily’ or ‘lifetime’ budget. The daily budget allows you to set the maximum you will spend on any given day while the lifetime budget is the maximum you will spend throughout the lifetime of your ad. When choosing a lifetime budget you also need to set a start and end date for your advert. However, the daily budget will run continuously but there is the option to set a start and end date instead.

How We Can Help

Our Surrey marketing agency, Thunderbolt Digital, has an experienced team of marketing experts with social media expertise. We manage Facebook advertising campaigns, using our in-depth knowledge to maximise brands’ visibility, target businesses’ ideal customers, and report and communicate results to keep our clients’ informed of their new converted leads.

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