As an award-winning marketing agency in Surrey, Thunderbolt Digital know that marketing can be pretty challenging, especially for SMEs or those just starting out. Of course, we’ve had years of experience to perfect our methods and have gotten pretty good at delivering results to our clients. We like to pass on the odd bit of marketing advice from time to time, emphasis here on “odd” – which is why we’re telling you to think like a latte! Trust us, it’ll all make sense in time.


Be Exclusive

Making a product or service limited edition adds a real sense of exclusivity, which not only encourages people to say yes, but is great for marketing, too! Something that Starbucks certainly makes use of every year is a social media countdown before “Pumpkin Spice season” returns, which is a great way to build enthusiasm and give your content a solid direction. As a marketing agency in Surrey, we’ve picked up on other examples of this practice, such as Black Friday – whilst the savings and hype surrounding the event are smaller here in Britain than North America, it nevertheless is an event anticipated by many! Try using the same techniques for sales and limited time offers for a boost.


Be Relevant

The reason Pumpkin Spice works so well is because it’s exactly what people are looking for at this time of year- not exactly a winter warmer, but something cosy to mark the start of autumn and the countdown to Halloween. Pumpkin products wouldn’t do nearly so well at any time of year, and taking advantage of their seasonal status allows Starbucks to sell not just a drink, but a feeling, an experience, (crunchy leaves, cosy jumpers, autumnal breezes) which not only contributes to its massive popularity but provides a springboard for their marketing.


Be Daring

Pumpkin Spice may now be synonymous with autumn now for many, and a social media phenomenon, but it wasn’t always this way! Pumpkin spice can be pretty divisive as an actual flavour, and Starbucks took a risk releasing something that potentially lacked mass appeal – but their confidence in their product paid off, and just look where they are now!


Did we lose you at lattes? Don’t worry, there’s no shame in leaving things to the experts! If you’re looking for more reasons to invest in social media marketing, then check out our “You Need to Invest In Social Media Marketing” blog. Or, contact the team here at Thunderbolt Digital today, and you’ll be able to trust that you’ve enlisted the help of the best marketing agency in Surrey! Give us a ring at 01252 413 757 or drop us an email at and we’ll arrange a meeting ASAP.