If you are looking into how to market your company, you’ve probably asked yourself, what does a digital agency in Surrey actually do day to day? As a pay-per-click (PPC) Executive, I can safely say that a lot happens! But if you’re looking for a little more detail on what happens on each account, take a look at a normal day for me: 


Check Campaigns Are Live And Spending Correctly

First things first, the easy parts. Checking that all the campaigns are still running is a crucial part. If they have been disapproved, it means that at least one section of the ad, or the ad in its entirety isn’t running. This can be detrimental to the results and data you get back as it reduces the likelihood of conversions as the ad isn’t being seen while it’s down. Another thing to check is the spend of the campaigns.

For each campaign you have a set budget for each day. Each campaign can go above this budget by up to double each day due to variation in search volumes and other factors. The campaign will never go above the total that you have set for the month, but it will vary day by day. There is only an issue if the campaign is continually underspending, and this then requires further investigation and action to be taken. 


Search Query Reports 

Having a look at what people are searching for is key. On every ad group you have a set of keywords. These are terms that we think people would search for and it’s where we want to show our ads. An Search Query Report (SQR) brings the data to our attention of exactly what people are searching for when they are shown our ads. It allows us to add in more keywords of exactly what people are searching for and if some aren’t relevant then it shows us that we need to narrow the match type of the keywords. 


Negative Keywords

Adding negative keywords is a PPC executive’s bread and butter. It’s all about relevance. Imagine you are selling jewellery, but you only sold earrings and necklaces. Any search terms that appear in the SQR relating to bracelets or rings can be added as a negative keyword. By doing this, it means you only show your ads to the people who are actively looking for what you sell. These are the people most likely to convert. It also means that your budget isn’t wasted on people clicking on your ad, only to realise it’s not what they were looking for and leaving. 


Campaign Performance

PPC is an ever changing environment. This is because of the public, no two months are the same and external factors are constantly changing. Your ads performance reflects this. A PPC executive’s job is to observe, make changes and compare. We are constantly learning how to make your campaigns perform better and better. It’s best practice to check campaigns against the week before, the month before and the year before. This way you can measure if there are seasonal trends or not and see if the changes you have made recently are improving your results or not. 


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