When it comes to the world of web development, it is often hard to know what platform is the best for you. Quite often developers talk about things that certainly aren’t in layman’s terms. When it comes to building a website, you want to make sure you understand every detail of the process. Our developers build in both Laravel and WordPress; so we know the ins and outs of why you should use either for your website. Here’s a quick guide to get you started:


Speed and performance – what would laravel developers choose?

Laravel developers know that in terms of speed and performance, Laravel wins hands down. This is due to WordPress having many more plugins rather than custom code. Plugins make it cheaper overall for you, but they slow down the site dramatically the more there are. 



In terms of SEO, WordPress is widely known for being the better platform. It is commonly associated with being a “blogger platform” that is specifically tailored to SEO. It has specific yoast plugins for this purpose. Yoast can allow you to optimise your website and blogs in WordPress for SEO more effectively than Laravel. For someone who isn’t a developer, WordPress is much easier to use and navigate. 


Complexity vs ease of use

Laravel compared to WordPress is always a tricky debate. It depends on what you value more for your website. If you are looking for a more customised website, then Laravel will be the way to go. In its simplest form, Laravel is a blank canvas. It allows you to create whatever you want with it. Laravel developers can often create spectacular websites. However for your general person, it isn’t easy to use. Whereas on WordPress, it is quite simple for you to add a page yourself without the need of a developer, which won’t be possible for Laravel. 


What a laravel developer thinks: Ecommerce or brochure site

Ecommerce sites can be built on both platforms. WordPress is the most commonly used due to Woocommerce plugins that make payment gateways so simple; these are quick and easy to set up. However, if your site is set to grow overtime, Laravel may be the better option as it can more easily adapt to increased sales and grow with you. 


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