Stereotypically, we associate apps with very big companies. We tend to forget that apps can be used for other purposes than allowing customers to purchase your products more easily. As a digital agency in Surrey, we know that the uses are many when it comes to mobile apps. Take a look at how your business can grow with an app. 


How Many People Search On A Mobile?

Nearly 60% of all searches are completed on a mobile device. This number is only increasing. Our society is now centered around a mobile first world. We are used to spending several hours a day on our mobile devices. We all have apps on our phones, from games to social media, and more often than not, applications such as Domino’s and Pretty Little Thing. These apps allow the users to see deals for food options or get advanceD notice on a sale and free shipping. The perks depend on the app. 


Offers And Special Perks 

Trying to retain loyal customers can sometimes be tricky. One of the most effective ways to keep them is to offer them special deals, offers or free shipping. But how can you make sure you are only offering these to the right people? That’s where a mobile app comes in. Making an account on an app allows you to track repeat purchasers and have their email addresses to target them with special offers.


News Updates And Customer Engagement 

How do you keep traffic coming to your app? Try to keep your audience engaged with your brand. Use your app to post about your latest news, collaborations and upcoming events. This allows your customers to connect with you and be more interested in what happens behind the scenes moving forward. 


Easy Contact

How can you get in touch with your customers? It’s not always easy to keep in touch with them if you don’t have contact information. A mobile app allows you to do this without the hassle. You can send out a notification on the app every now and then to keep them engaged. You also have the ability to send them email reminders for upcoming events and deals so don’t miss out!


How Thunderbolt Digital Can Help

We are well versed in helping SMEs reach their full potential. Whether through creating an app or improving a current version, we are dedicated to helping in any way we can. Get in touch with us for advice on where an app can take your business, or any new venture you are thinking of. 


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